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Stromberg Stock, PLLC develops relationships with our clients to enable us to understand and address our clients’ needs, and to set up litigation-avoiding procedures. When litigation ensues, the Firm actively, efficiently and strategically works with our clients to achieve client-oriented results.

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Additionally, the Firm handles litigation from the early claim stage, through trial and appeal, for businesses and individuals. This business model started in 2001 when Mark Stromberg founded the firm - providing clients with top-rated legal services while developing relationships with clients that extended beyond the initial, introductory matters. The Firm expanded when Brett Field and Aric Stock joined in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The Firm then became Stromberg Stock, PLLC.

In addition to working with clients on litigation, Aric Stock provides
mediation services for claims including wrongful death / catastrophic personal injury and other tort cases, as well as complex business disputes.
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Stromberg Stock is conveniently located at Campbell Centre I, 8350 North Central Expwy, Suite 1225, Dallas, Texas 75206 on the east side of Central Expressway.
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